RAC Plus Refit for Fred Olsen’s Bentago Express

CBG Systems is excited to announce that our Engine Room variant of RAC Plus is being used to help retrofit Fred Olsen Bentago express.

Bentago Express ran aground at the start of this year, CBG’s SFP protection technology was chosen in order to get the vessel operational as quickly as possible. The refit of the SFP scope will be completed after only 3 weeks of work in the Canary Islands.

The Engine room variant of RAC Plus features a highly impact resistant metallic facing designed to cope with the physical demands of high wear areas such as engine room. The system features all benefits of the RAC Plus system and therefore has the fastest installation time and lowest weight out of any engine room structural fire protection system.

RAC Plus will offer the vessel considerable weight savings, premium safety and an excellent finish and will deliver unsurpassed operational efficiencies throughout the vessel’s life cycle. CBG is proud to be working with Fred Olsen Express on such an exciting project.