Installation services

Installation services

Full installation service

CBG’s specialist insulation technicians can provide a turn-key installation service the world over.

Installation training and supervision

As an alternative to the full installation service, CBG Systems can offer a training and supervisory package to train and supervise a crew of your own workforce or engage a local subcontractor for maximum cost efficiencies.

Through life support

In addition to providing products and services on new builds, CBG Systems also offer comprehensive aftermarket support. This includes:

  • Retrofit / upgrade of older vessels: Vessels can be upgraded in stages during scheduled maintenance times or low seasons, spread over a timeframe to suit your budget.
  • Maintenance surveys: CBG Systems technicians will carry out an on-board survey to assess the condition of the structural fire protection on your vessel or quantify damage after an incident and outline repair or maintenance recommendations.
  • Annual scheduled maintenance: CBG Systems are happy to work with you to create a maintenance plan.  Maintenance periods can be scheduled for downtimes/low seasons, at your choice of port, with the advantage of excellent rates and a forecast spend.