Navantia Australia signs Memorandum of Understanding with CBG Systems

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Navantia Australia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Tasmania’s CBG systems for insulation and fire protection supply and management for its bid for the future frigates project.

CBG currently designs, manufactures and installs the only removable panelised structural fire protection system in the world, a Class N-30 Navy approved system, which has been developed to withstand hydrocarbon fire and shock. The system consists of panels mounted below the deckhead allowing easy access to the vessel structure, increasing ease of access and reducing maintenance costs due to ease of handling.

CBG’s system is deployed on the Navantia designed on the Hobart Class destroyers, where CBG manufactures and installs the main machinery insulation.

“From our work together on the Hobart Class, Australia is already receiving the benefit of CBG’s involvement in naval warship construction,” said Navantia Australia Chairman Warren King. “CBG is an industry leader, providing world-class fire protection and insulation, which will ensure the future safety of the frigates’ personnel. Together we will build on the success of the Hobart Class destroyers, to establish a sovereign naval shipbuilding capability in Australia.”

CBG will also be responsible for the development of an insulation turn-key capability plan which will include a proposed approach to managing the skills and logistical requirements for insulation capability, including the supply and storage of the material; the location of warehouse facilities; and the allocation of work orders and workforce.

“We look forward to being able to share and further develop our capabilities in the marine insulation, communications and lightweight passive fire protection industry,” said CBG Managing Director Javier Herbon. “Through our partnership with Navantia we intend to continue to expand our technologies, keeping Australia at the forefront of the marine fire protection and insulation industry.”

On learning of the MoU, RADM Rtd Steve Gilmore AM CSC, Tasmania’s Defence Advocate stated “I am very pleased by the increasing rate of contribution from Tasmanian companies through a partnering approach with Defence Industry Primes such as Navantia. This MoU highlights the enormous potential Tasmanian industry has to play in future projects. It is


also clear recognition of the impressive reputation that CBG Systems has earned over a very long period as a reliable supplier to Defence.”

About CBG Systems

CBG Systems (CBG) is a Tasmanian based Australian company offering specialised marine engineering services for commercial and defence projects. For more than 30 years CBG has been supplying services to more than 100 new-built and in-service ships. CBG specialises in the supply and installation of fire, thermal and acoustic insulation, specialist antenna systems and signature management.

About Navantia Australia

Navantia Australia’s roots date back hundreds of years. Since 2006 we have been Australia’s shipbuilding partner. At Navantia Australia, we are committed to growing our local workforce and links to the Australian supply chain to best support the growth of a truly Australian shipbuilding industry.