Rapid Access Composite Plus (RAC Plus)

Rapid Access Composite Plus (RAC Plus)

RAC Plus™

CBG Systems’ next generation Lightweight SFP System

CBG Systems has developed its next generation lightweight panelised structural fire protection system. The system extends the philosophy behind CBG’s Rapid Access™ SFP range systems. Rapid Access Composite PLUS (RAC PLUS™) is an inorganic, non-intumescent and fully non-combustible panelised structural fire protection system with a focus on safety. The system has been extensively tested against the requirements of the IMO and the FTP code.

Rigorous environmental testing has been conducted on the system to verify its performance in an operational environment. RAC PLUS™ has shown successful performance against dart impact, boil testing, high humidity and temperature exposure, fog room exposure, environmental chamber testing, salt solution exposure, outdoor weather exposure, dry oven exposure up to 50°C, wet heat exposure up to 80°C, salt spray chamber exposure and UV exposure. The systems performance, in particular when benchmarked against other structural fire protection systems on the market, is evidence of its unique and highly effective physical properties.

The RAC PLUS™ panel is one of the lightest fire protection panels on the market, weighing 4.2 kg/m2 +/- 10% allowing vessel to have increased fuel efficiency, speed and payload. Furthermore, the system does not require wrap factors to follow the contours of beam structures.

Although developed with a priority on safety and efficiency, RAC PLUS™ also delivers on its lightweight design and pleasing aesthetic. RAC PLUS™ panels are reversible which allows panels to be flipped by ship operators to delay replacing or re-facing compromised panel facing. The non-metallic nature of the panel provides clear benefits in terms of weight, while the semi rigid face minimizes damage to the system during vessel operation. The panels are finished with CBG Systems’ typical imprint and a white finish, this reduces lighting requirements and greatly improves the look and feel of spaces installed with RAC PLUS™. RAC PLUS™ provides a global solution to SFP including engine rooms, mission bays and vehicle decks.

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