Commencement of Incat Hull 088 (Mols Linien’s KatExpress 3)

CBG Systems is about to commence installation of structural fire protection and thermal insulation throughout the Incat built 109m wave piercing catamaran. The Mols Linien vessel (KatExpress 3) will feature 6,500m2 of CBG Systems’ signature product, Rapid Access Composite (RAC) panelised structural fire protection, throughout the vehicle decks. The RAC system delivers 60 minute fire protection with up to 70% weight savings compared to alternative metal clad systems.

The engine rooms of the vessel will be clad with the hard-wearing Light Weight Stainless (LWS) system. The panelised system is quick to install, and provides rapid access to the vehicle’s services and structure for hassle-free maintenance, resulting in savings in initial build and operational costs.

CBG Systems is proud to work with Incat to produce another quality Tasmanian-built vessel.