CBG secures Armon order for Balearia vessel

CBG Systems is pleased to announce we have signed a contract with Armon de Gijón Shipyard to fit CBG’s award winning lightweight Rapid Access panelised SFP on-board G021 (Eleanor Roosevelt) for Baleària.

It is an honour for CBG to be part of the construction of the first high-speed passenger and cargo ship in the world to be powered by dual fuel natural gas engines. Other companies also supporting this project include Wärtsilä, Incat Crowther and Marintek-Sintef – all contributing to make Eleanor Roosevelt the most efficient vessel in the world.

Armon’s Hull G021 (Eleanor Roosevelt) will be the first passenger and cargo fast ferry to be powered by dual natural gas engines making it the world’s most efficient catamaran. It will also be the world’s longest catamaran in operation. Specifically, the ship will be 123 metres long with a 28 m beam and will have capacity for 1200 passengers as well as a hold which may store 500 linear metres of lorries and 250 passenger cars or just 450 passenger cars.

The vessel is expected to be in operation in the Balearic Islands in the summer of 2020.

Baleària’s strategic commitment to LNG, which was planned eight years ago, fulfils social responsibility and profitability criteria as it moves ahead of the ever more demanding contaminating gas regulations. Thus, the shipping company expects to have at least half of its fleet of ferries sailing with this clean energy within the next three years and reach one hundred percent of its fleet within ten years. Liquefied natural gas is an environmentally-friendly clean fuel that more than complies with current and future pollution standards. Its use reduces CO2 emissions by up to 35%, NOx by 85% and sulphur and particles by 100%, which means it has an immediate impact on improving air quality and limiting the greenhouse gas effect.