Industrial Projects

Commercial & HVAC Systems

CBG Systems supplies industry leading thermal and acoustic insulation, fire boundary penetrations for ducting, cabling and plumbing materials and installation services for commercial buildings.

CBG supports HVAC installations and in particular, insulation of air conditioning ducting and plant rooms where high and low temperature fluid transfer systems are present. CBG provide modern high efficiency systems where the demand for enhanced insulation performance, and reduced energy consumption is a prerequisite.

Agribusiness & Marine farms

Wineries, vegetable, fruit and crop production, downstream processing, marine farms and associated food grade processing operations commonly use chilling and heating processes for distillation, preservation and storage functions.

CBG provides high efficiency insulation systems that enhance capital cost recovery and significantly reduce life time operating costs.

Heavy Industrial

Heavy Industrial and Power Generation industries are dependent on efficient thermodynamic processes.

CBG has extensive experience in the supply and installation of a diverse range of insulation and cladding systems for both new installations and shutdown / maintenance operations in power generation, refining, roasting, drying and cryogenic processes.

We manufacture permanent or removable blanket systems to reduce surface temperatures where there are personnel safety issues or a risk of hydrocarbon fuel leaks.


CBG owns and operates specialist US manufactured roll forming machinery that provides “Standing Seam” cladding and insulation systems specially designed to provide aesthetic, high efficiency cladding and insulation for large surface areas such as petro-chemical tank farms and buildings.

This modern process is fast to install and completely weather-proof being attached to the parent structure free of any external fastening penetrations. The “Standing Seam” system is lightweight and in most applications, is installed without requirement for scaffolding.

CBG also specialise in the insulation and cladding of fluid transfer pipes, valves and pressure vessels..

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